Patience and Sigrid are two complicit and complementary personalities.
They met during their last professional experience but it is during a trip that the project of solid bath products begins. Later, they merged to create Les Panacées together.
Different but sharing the same will to break the codes, they draw their energy from their roots, their specificities and their potential.
Sigrid, born to a Swedish mother, grew up respecting plants and the planet. She has always been keen to value the environment that surrounds her in order to get the most out of it and to be an actress of its respect.
Patience, the granddaughter of farmers has always considered land as a primary natural resource. She is also inspired by the work of her brother, the first in her family to take an interest in natural hair care.
Today, the two young women are working in harmony to propose a new way of taking care of oneself on a daily basis while respecting the environment and the health of their users.


From the meeting of two dynamic and passionate young women are born Les Panacées.
The complementarity of these two passions: one for plants and the other for the earth, has given rise to a shared desire to put well-being back at the centre of our concerns.
Their range of solid bath products offers a unique French aromatherapy experience.
It is a promising innovation because it is a must in the near future.
The two founders have at heart to promote the benefits of plants but also to make the bathroom a place of relaxation where you take care of yourself in optimal conditions for your well-being and health.