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Summer Whirlpool Solid Shampoo 75gr
Natural Solid Shampoo Summer Swirl
Bouquet de nature solid shampoo 75gr
Bouquet de nature solid shampoo 75gr
Natural solid shampoo Bouquet de nature
Shampoo solid À l'ombre des cyprès voyage 25gr
Solid Shampoo in the shade of cypress trees 75gr
Natural solid shampoo in the shade of cypress trees
Solid Shampoo Summer Swirl Travel 25gr
Natural solid shampoo Bouquet de nature
Solid Shampoo in the shade of cypress trees 75gr
Summer Whirlpool House
Travel Bouquet of Nature

Solid Shampoo

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Rub for 15 seconds in your hands to obtain a delicate foam. Apply to wet hair in small circular motions until a generous lather is formed. Massage in. Rinse thoroughly.

Our answers to your questions about our solid shampoos made in France

Do you like soft, foaming shampoos that smell wonderful and are gentle on your scalp? Discover our range of natural and vegan solid shampoos, with the soft scents of organic essential oils and perfumes of Grasse, made in France.

Composition, use, transition to solid shampoo... Discover the answers to some of the questions we are regularly asked and which will surely interest you.

What is a solid shampoo?

The solid shampoo is a bath product dedicated to your hair, which takes the form of a small compact block. When it comes into contact with water, you can lather it up and wash your hair as you would with a traditional liquid shampoo.

Although it looks like soap, its composition is nothing like soap. Our Les Panacées hair products contain ingredients dedicated to hair care.

Forget everything you think you know about solid shampoos

What if we showed you that a solid shampoo can be as creamy as a liquid product, while being better for you and the environment? That's the challenge we set ourselves with the Les Panacées range of bath products.

A true sensory experience

Softness, fragrance, well-being... With our solid shampoos you will experience a moment of pure relaxation, just for you. It will awaken your senses and transport you into a well-deserved care cocoon. And yes, because our products lather as much or more than the traditional liquid formats available on the market. With their scents from organic essential oils and perfumes from Grasse, they leave a delicate scent on your hair.

A natural solid shampoo

Because well-being must also rhyme with health, we design our solid shampoos with nearly 93% of ingredients of natural origin. Thus, you will not find any paraben, sulfate, silicone or palm oil in our products. You will benefit from quality raw materials, for a very natural shampoo, while being pleasant and effective. A good opportunity to say goodbye to certain chemical products, aggressive for your scalp and to pamper yourself with products that are good for you.

A vegan design

. The experience you will have with Les Panacées will not be at the expense of other living species. Our products do not contain ingredients of animal origin and are not tested on animals.

A solid shampoo more respectful of the Planet

One of the great things about our natural solid shampoos is that they don't need any plastic to be contained. Unlike liquid shampoos, they are self-contained. Limiting the use of plastic allows you to take part in a more responsible way of life. An action within everyone's reach, which has a strong impact on the preservation of the environment.

The pleasure of made in France

Each Les Panacées solid shampoo, conditioner and liquid soap is passionately made in France. This is an opportunity to control the quality of our raw materials with precision, but also to use local know-how. In addition, production made in France allows us to limit our carbon footprint. An additional advantage that reinforces the eco-friendly aspect of our products.

Take your solid shampoos with you everywhere

Whether you're going on holiday at the other end of the world, spending a few days at your country house or on a business trip... You can take your Les Panacées solid shampoo with you everywhere.

No need to worry about limited airplane supplies or spilling bottles in your toiletry bag. We offer solid shampoos in travel size and individual or multiple cases. So you can enjoy all the benefits of your hair and body care products wherever you go.

Let yourself be intoxicated by subtle fragrances

When you buy solid shampoo from Les Panacées, you are about to experience moments of escape in the middle of nature, from your bathroom. To give you quality aromatic experiences, we offer you three exceptional scents.

In the shade of the Cypress trees

In this solid shampoo you will discover the delicate scent of organic essential oil extracts of Cypress. This tree, very present in the south of France, has many virtues and remains the symbol of eternal life in some cultures. By using this product, you will go on a real relaxing trip to the heart of Provence, carried by woody notes, with each shampoo.

Bouquet de nature

These are extracts of organic essential oil of lavender, which you will enjoy with the solid shampoo Bouquet de nature. Here again, you will be transported by the typical scents of Provence, between freshness and intoxicating floral notes. A pure moment of softness and well-being, which will remind you of summer walks through the fields, to the soft sound of bees gathering.

Summer whirlwind: Rosemary solid shampoo

A typical Mediterranean plant, rosemary brings an original touch with sunny honey notes to the natural solid shampoo Tourbillon d'été. The use of rosemary essential oil is particularly recommended for skin and hair care. You will therefore appreciate finding it in our shampoos, solid conditioners and soap.

Learn more about the composition of our shampoos

Want to know more about the raw materials and ingredients that make our solid shampoos so pleasant and effective? Here is a detailed list of the ingredients you will find in their composition:

Sodium cocoyl isethionate or SCI: this is a so-called surfactant. It is derived from the coconut. It is what allows the creation of a creamy and very pleasant foam. It is combined with water in order to dissolve properly.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil, as its name suggests, is an oil that is ideal for moisturising your hair and making it exceptionally soft to the touch.

Polyglyceryl - 4 - Laurate: a complicated name which simply means an emulsifying agent. In other words, it is thanks to this component that all the raw materials can be mixed together.

Glycerin plays an important role in the texture of your hair. It allows your hair to be supple, but also shiny and soft. This makes it much easier for you to style your hair.

Perfume and organic essential oils: these are the ingredients that will create the entire olfactory universe of your solid shampoo. To guarantee an exceptional scent, we use organic essential oils and perfumes from Grasse.

Montmorillonite: This mineral component has the better known name of green clay. It allows your product to have cleaning and absorbing properties.

Olive oil: it's no secret that olive oil has many health benefits. In solid shampoo, it helps regulate moisture and deeply nourish your hair.

Citric acid: this natural ingredient is essential for regulating the PH of the shampoo. It has many purifying properties.

Sage floral water: acts as a sebum production regulator for your scalp.

Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate: another complex name which in fact designates a fully biodegradable mineral. It is used, among other things, to stabilise the solid shampoo and to prevent the natural discolouration of the product.

CI 77891, CI 11680, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499: these names, which are a bit strange by the way, simply designate mineral dyes. They are used to give the different colours of the products.

How is solid shampoo used?

To wash your hair with a solid shampoo, nothing could be easier. Take the small block in your hands and wet it with water from your shower or bath. Rub it in for about 15 seconds and you'll see a nice soft, creamy lather form. Apply it to your wet hair and massage it into your scalp as you normally would. Finally, rinse.

Good to know: as soon as you have enough foam to wash your hair, put your solid shampoo away from the water so it can dry.

Is the final texture different from my liquid shampoo?

Once you have rubbed your solid shampoo into your hands, you will get a lather that is both generous and creamy. It will have nothing to envy to that of your liquid shampoo. Indeed, thanks to the presence of SCI (a component derived from coconut) in the composition of our products, the creation of foam can be equal or even superior to that of your usual products. So you can keep the same pleasure as usual, while taking better care of your hair.

How do I store my solid shampoo?

After use, your solid shampoo will have to dry. To do this, it is best to store it away from moisture. This can be done on a soap dish for example. You can also use the cork cases that we offer on our site. They allow you to carry your products (still wet or dry) and are therefore very water resistant. They can also be used as a support to let your solid shampoo dry safely.

How much shampoo can be made with a 25g puck?

A 25g pallet of Les Panacées solid shampoo will allow you to wash your hair between 20 and 25 times. This depends on the length of your hair, but also on how you store your product. To avoid losing it, remember to put it in a dry place after each use (on a soap dish for example).

I wash my hair daily, can I do it with a solid shampoo?

Regardless of the type of shampoo you use, it is always best to avoid washing your hair daily. This will cause your scalp to re-grease faster and can lead to dryness in your hair. However, if you want to keep your ritual, you can do so with our solid shampoo.

Our little hair beauty tips: apply coconut oil the night before to nourish your ends and remember to use our solid conditioner to eliminate oil residue and coat your hair.

How do I switch to solid shampoo?

There are two ways to switch to solid shampoo: use it directly when you finish your previous product, or make a clarification for a more effective transition.

If you choose the second option, the clarification involves deep cleaning the residue of pollution, sulfates, silicone and any other obscure ingredients found in traditional liquid shampoos. This allows you to do a sort of spring cleaning of your hair, so that you can start off on the right foot with your solid shampoo.

Why don't Les Panacées products have any labels (organic...) ?

At Les Panacées, we have noticed that many of these labels are too often used by large industrialists to do "greenwashing". In other words, they respect certain criteria to obtain the label, but when you look a little closer, the composition of the products is far from ideal for health or the environment.

We have therefore decided to create solid shampoos with our own criteria and which respect the values we defend. We bet on a transparent composition, 0 plastic products and natural and vegan solid shampoos. All of this, made in France and offered at a fair price. To know more about the composition of our different articles, consult the detailed product sheets.

What is the purpose of the surfactant and which one do you use?

In the composition of our solid shampoos, you will find a surfactant called Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate or SCI. The role of this type of ingredient is to make the product foam. It's what makes our shampoos so smooth and pleasant to use. It is derived from the coconut and is therefore biodegradable.

It allows us to offer you a natural alternative to Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a strong surfactant and detergent, which is very frequently found in conventional shampoos.

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