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Cork box

 13,90 €

Special offer of 45€ instead of 49,50€.

Our cork travel case in box format allows you to take all your solid bath products with you wherever you go. Still wet, your products are perfectly protected in this case. Take off with your mind and light bag and take only the essentials with you without losing the unique Les Panacées olfactory experience, wherever you are!


Valid for 1 year

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Travel the right way...

Travel light-heartedly with our box set. You no longer need to fill your suitcase with plastic bottles, let alone liquid products that might open in your bag. A box guarantees you a week's holiday with products that are kind to your skin and the environment. With our ranges enriched with organic essential oils, you do more than just travel, you transport your senses for moments of pure well-being, wherever you are.