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Do you like to use quality shower products that are gentle, scented and really take care of your skin? Discover the Les Panacées line of solid soaps! Quality soaps, made in France, with organic essential oils and perfumes from Grasse.

What is a solid soap?

Solid soap is a beauty product to be used in the bath or shower, to take care of your skin and body. It has the shape of a small, compact block of soap that is very practical to carry around.

To use it, simply wet it and rub it for about ten seconds... It then turns into a creamy, delicately scented lather with which you can wash your body.

Although it looks like soap, its composition is not at all comparable. Our Les Panacées hair products contain ingredients dedicated to hair care.

Why use solid soap?

Solid soap has many advantages that you can discover below. Its primary quality is that it does not require plastic packaging, unlike the liquid soaps traditionally used. The soap block is self-sufficient.

After each use, it dries and becomes compact again. This saves plastic and provides a more environmentally friendly alternative.

Our tip: to keep it in good condition, place it in a soap dish in a watertight container after each use .

The strengths of our solid soaps

Apart from their eco-friendly aspect, our solid soaps have many other advantages, which you can benefit from by using them. Scents, composition, manufacturing... A brief overview of the arguments that will make you fall for them.

An experience for your senses

The moment of the shower or bath is always a moment of relaxation and well-being. And to make it even more special, there's nothing like our natural solid soap. With it, you'll have a real sensory experience. This is particularly due to the presence of organic essential oils and Grasse perfume in its composition. In addition to smelling incredibly good, our solid soap is also very mild.

Natural solid soaps

Who said that wellness can't go hand in hand with health and naturalness? In order to offer you products of the highest possible quality, our solid soaps are made with nearly 93% ingredients of natural origin. And the same goes for our solid shampoos and other products. So you won't run the risk of coming across silicone or sulphates. Protect your skin from the chemicals often used in liquid soaps and choose solid soaps that are natural and gentle to your body.

vegan products

In addition to being intoxicating and natural, our solid soaps are vegan. As such, no substances of animal origin are used in the composition of Les Panacées products. Furthermore, they are not tested on animals.

Solid soap made in France

Our ranges of solid soaps, solid shampoos and solid conditioners are lovingly made in France. We made this choice to take advantage of local know-how, but also to be able to better control the quality of our raw materials. Betting on French manufacturing is also ideal to reduce our carbon footprint and offer you more environmentally friendly products.

Discover our range of solid body soaps

Are you thinking of trying to buy solid soap? Trust us to guarantee you a quality experience. We offer you a range of natural bath products that will make you live intense moments of escape.

À l'ombre des cyprès

It is the delicate scent of Cypress that you will find in this natural solid soap. A typical tree of the South of France which has many virtues. Dive into the heart of Provence for a shower or a bath and let yourself be carried away by the woody notes of this soap.

Bouquet de nature

Lavender dominates this solid soap. You will be seduced by its beautiful freshness and its delicate floral scent. Forget the walls of your bathroom and go for a country walk.

Summer Tourbillon

Discover the subtleties of rosemary through this solid soap. Delicate scents with hints of honey will allow you to enjoy a moment full of softness and voluptuousness, leaving your skin soft and fragrant.

A transparent composition

At Les Panacées, we make transparency one of our priorities. Thus, the components of our solid soaps are clearly indicated in each product sheet on our site. You will discover many natural ingredients (93%), such as perfumes from Grasse, organic essential oils, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, glycerine...

Take your solid soaps everywhere with you

Are you going on vacation? On a business trip? On a weekend? You're bound to want to take your favourite bath products with you. With our solid soaps it's possible. Their small and practical sizes are perfect for easy transport, without the risk of overfilling for example on the plane.

And to make it easier for you, we also offer individual or multiple cases to store them and slip them into your toiletry bag. So you can enjoy the benefits of our solid natural soaps whenever you want, wherever you want.

FAQ Solid soap made in France

Still wondering about our solid soaps? Find out the answers to the questions we are most often asked. 

How to use Les Panacées solid soap?

The use of our range of natural solid soaps is very simple. Take the block of soap in your hands, run it under water to wet it and then rub it for about 15 seconds between your hands.
You will then see a smooth and delicate lather appear.
Soap yourself with it and place the solid soap in a soap dish away from water after use.

How to keep it?

We advise you to protect your solid soap from moisture and water after use. This will allow it to dry well and solidify again. In this way, you will avoid losing product. You can store it in a soap dish or a (non-hermetic) box.
Do not hesitate to consult the sheets of our water-resistant cork cases.

How many times can I wash myself with a little solid soap?

Les Panacées solid soaps are sold in travel size, i.e. palets of about 25g. The number of uses depends mainly on how much you like to use when you wash. As a general rule, it is possible to do more than twenty "washes" with a single soap. 

Why are Les Panacées solid soaps not labelled organic?

We simply consider that having an organic label is not always a guarantee of quality. We don't necessarily want to play the game of the big companies who abuse "greenwashing". Rather than communicating on an organic label, we prefer to share our values and be 100% transparent on the composition of our products. It is by consulting the list of components and our commitments that you will be able to get a real idea of the quality of our solid soaps.