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Privacy Policy

1. Data collection

Only data that allows us to manage all aspects of your order (shopping cart, payment, order preparation, delivery, notices or requests for information and advice on your order) are requested.
We collect your personal data ourselves, in a transparent manner, at key moments in our relationship with you (placing an order, requesting information etc.). The data that you provide us with is intended solely for LES PANACÉES.
We undertake never to disclose, rent or transfer your personal data to any third party whatsoever. The subcontractors that we employ may be required to process part of this data but they do so on behalf of LES PANACÉES, in accordance with our instructions and with an obligation of absolute confidentiality.
In your customer account, you will find all the personal data we have. You can consult and modify them at any time. You can request the deletion of your data by contacting us at (except for those that we must legally retain such as invoices, payment confirmations, etc.)

2. Payment information

The payment data is exchanged in encrypted mode and is never in the possession of LES PANACÉES.

3. Newsletters

If we have your agreement when you register, you will receive newsletters by e-mail in order to keep you informed of our news and make you discover new articles.
You can stop receiving our newsletters whenever you want.
To do this, simply click on "unsubscribe" at the bottom of the newsletter you received by email.
Once this is done, we will update your profile to ensure that you do not receive any more newsletters.

4. Retention of information

Your information will be kept for the duration of your subscription to the newsletter.
We will only keep your personal information for legal reasons to avoid any litigation, fraud, etc. ....

5. Cookies

A cookie is a file that is deposited by your browser on your computer or mobile phone to collect data about your browsing on this site.
These cookies are used to identify the sections and pages you visit in order to facilitate your browsing and online experience and to improve our services.