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Charlotte, founder of Ozaelle, a brand of hair accessories and jewelry


"I couldn't find any hair accessories that were made in France and were eco-friendly, so I wanted to offer them. »


How your project was born!

It was while researching hair accessories for myself that I noticed that between the low-end accessories from the other side of the planet and the luxurious formal accessories, there was little to offer. I wanted to launch my own brand, French and eco-friendly. I would like to give back to the hair accessory its letters of nobility, as well as a bag or a jewel, while remaining at affordable prices.


What types of hair accessories can be found at Ozaelle? 

Ozaelle offers three types of accessories:

  • hair jewelry: barrettes, picks, combs and bun cuffs,
  • Textile accessories: headbands, scrunchies and chokers,
  • hair clips made of cellulose acetate, a material derived from cotton flower and wood pulp.

I imagine the accessories and then select my partners according to traditional French know-how: the hair jewellery is made in a foundry in Provence, the hair clips in the Ain region and the textile accessories are made in a sewing workshop in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

 The textiles used are eco-responsible (organic cotton, linen, fabrics with 100% recycled threads). The elastic bands of the scrunchies are made of natural rubber (latex) without plastic and biodegradable.

Committed to a zero waste approach, Ozaelle offers a recycling solution with TerraCycle, leader in the recycling of difficult to recycle waste.


How to select the right accessory to put in your hair in the morning?

To have beautiful hair, adopting the right care is important, so it would be a shame to ruin it by using the wrong accessories on a daily basis. That's why it's essential to find quality accessories to preserve your hair.

First, avoid hair-pulling accessories like rubber bands (especially those with a small metal bar) and pins! Instead, use scrunchies, headbands and clips made of cellulose acetate, whose soft material respects the hair fibre.

It is important to know your hair type in order to choose comfortable accessories that will last all day without slipping or pulling. If you have fine hair, for example, it is better to choose clips with more teeth and closer together like the Anouck clip.

Then, I advise you toadapt your accessories to your outfit. When the clothes are rather simple bring a touch of originality in the hair to restore the pep! With a white jeans+shirt outfit, to not feel ordinary, add the Gary red scarf and a nice lipstick, you will gain a lot of allure.

The style of the brand Ozaelle is timeless and its accessories are easy to associate. We often think of wearing pretty earrings but carefully selecting the accessory that we put in our hair can be that little detail that makes the difference!

Finally, optimize their use. Even with the right accessories, it's not always easy to find pretty hairstyles in the morning and manage to achieve them... That's why, to fill up on ideas, Ozaelle offers tutorials and advice on the blog of her website and on her account Instagram.  

Charlotte's selection

In a zero waste approach, I opt for solid care for my hair. I am sensitive to the impact of hair products on my health and the environment, which is why I love this shampoo whose rosemary scent reminds me of the holidays.

A must-have for perfectly detangling my long hair! I love this conditioner in combination with the Whirlpool shampoo and its nice honey smell.

I find that the addition of dried rose petals to this little solid soap is really nice because the exfoliation is really gentle. I find the smell of honey and rosemary that I like so much!

This is the set that brings together my favourite Les Panacés skincare products. I think it's a great way to discover the brand. There's even a little guide to walk you through the steps of using the different products!

First of all, I have to say that this box is really cute! Secondly, there is nothing better to preserve solid care. And last but not least, the cork is eco-friendly. So it's the perfect case for my travels as well as for decorating my bathroom.   

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