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 Photo by Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash

The cork case: the essential accessory to protect your solid shower products

As you may have noticed, in our solid bath products store, we offer cases to protect your shampoos and soaps. These are made of cork. So why did you choose this material? What are its advantages? What environmental impact does the manufacture of cork have? We tell you more in this article. 

Take your solid shampoos and soaps with you everywhere with a dedicated case

At Les Panacées, we wanted to design solid shampoos soaps, balms... that you can take everywhere with you. The goal? Not to break your beauty and wellness routine when you go on a trip or on the move. The formats of our products are perfect to be slipped into your suitcase, without taking up space.

But how do you protect them from damage? Simply by using a water-resistant and durable case made entirely of cork. 

Why choose cork for your solid shampoo cases?

It may seem original to have chosen cork for the manufacture of our solid soap cases. solid soaps and other products we offer at Les Panacées. That said, when we take a closer look at the advantages of this material, we quickly understand why it is ideal. Here are the reasons why we choose cork.

A solid material

Cork is a particularly strong material that can withstand a lot of pressure and weight. So when you put your solid shampoo in its case and slip it into your suitcase, you don't have to worry about the container crushing the product. The cork acts as a very strong protective shell that provides optimal protection for Les Panacées products. 

A light and practical case

The fact that cork is strong and resistant does not make it a heavy material. Thus, our our cases for solid soaps are particularly light and easy to carry. You don't have to worry about exceeding the weight limit with your luggage at the airport!

Very good water resistance

Cork is known to be water-repellent. As such, it does not absorb water and can therefore get wet without any problems. You can store your solid conditioner in its cork case even if it is still wet. You can also use the base of our our cases to put your solid product right after use, to dry it.

The environmental footprint of cork and production

Cork is a natural material that comes from the bark of a tree: the cork oak. It is therefore, basically, more respectful of the planet than the plastic bottles traditionally used for liquid shower products. 

The cork oak is one of the species that absorbs the most CO2 by photosynthesis. Thus, for each kilo of cork, approximately 50 kilos of CO2 are absorbed and removed from the atmosphere. A process that is essential in the fight against climate change.

The cork oak lives in a true symbiosis with the fungi that share the organic elements that the tree needs for its good absorption of nutrients from the soil.

In addition to capturing a lot of CO2, the Quercus suber, from its botanical name, is very resistant to fires and therefore limits the damage of the latter on the mixed forests in which the tree is found.

The harvesting of the cork, called demasclage, does not damage the tree itself because after its extraction, the cork regenerates naturally. Moreover, it respects the seasonal growth of the tree because the harvest is only done from late spring to late August. 

The tree will not be cut down or damaged if the harvesting is done according to the rules of the art. Indeed, the harvesting of cork is a real art of doing by what is called "the cork leveurs". The method is traditional and is done with an axe specific to each country. For example, the tool used in Provence is the "picoussin" also called Catalan axe for Spain.

Where does the cork used for Les Panacées cases come from?

At Les Panacées, we have chosen to work with a Spanish company specialising in the use of cork. It has enabled us to design high quality cases, while respecting the natural base material. 

On our site, you will find individual cases to store one product at a time, or cases in the form of a pack with three slots to hold, for example, your solid soap, shampoo and conditioner. 

You now know the secrets of cork and its many advantages! Don't wait any longer to order your solid shower products and their prettyboxes resistant and durable.

Photo by Mathis Jrdl on Unsplash

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