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Interviewed on 14/10/20

On the occasion of Pink October 2020, we gathered the testimony of one of our clients who was very touched by this initiative, Séverine, a former bank employee in remission from breast cancer. 

In this portrait, she talks about her relationship with femininity during the illness, her skincare rituals and her new habits, particularly with the discovery of solid shampoo.

Its history

It all started in the summer of 2018, I was experiencing tremendous fatigue throughout the summer. In September 2018, I was diagnosed with stage 3-4 breast cancer. Then followed 2 surgeries: tumor removal and lymph node removal then chemotherapy and radiation. Two years later, I am in remission but I have to take hormone pills for 7 years as a prevention.


Has the disease changed your view and your relationship with femininity?

Yes, of course, because during chemotherapy, you lose your hair and your hair is your femininity. I started wearing wigs. I bought 1, 2 and then 3 but none of them suited me. And to make up for this lack of femininity, I started wearing a lot more dresses and more make-up too. I was always putting on lipstick, always!

Then I got a tattoo of my eyebrows that I had lost too. I tried to compensate for the loss of my hair. I needed to feel beautiful, even without half my hair, and I managed to feel that way.

Did you have to change your care habits during and after the illness?

I took refuge in gentle sports. Since the chemo, I am much more tired than before. I've taken up pilates and yoga, sports that I've been able to benefit from thanks to the Breast Cancer League. It has done me a lot of good to work on my breathing and to do things that are gentle on my body. I've been doing it for a year and a half now and it's done me a lot of good.

Do you have any care rituals passed down through your family? 

I have the ritual of solid soaps passed on by my mother and that we have had for generations in my family. In fact, she always asks her grandson to go and buy her some real Marseille soaps!

What did you think of your experience with the solid shampoo with Les Panacées? 

When my hair grew out, I needed to use a very gentle, natural shampoo and I found Les Panacées solid shampoo which is gentle, scalp friendly and washes the hair well. It was perfect! 

This was my first time using a solid shampoo, I was very surprised at first as I only used liquid shampoos. I have since completely embraced solid shampoo.

Thank you very much Séverine!

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